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In Germany, exploitation and violence in prostitution are prohibited and prosecuted by the police. If you are victim of threats, intimidation, beatings, or you are being forced to work in prostitution, you can call the police. The police emergency number 110 is free of charge.

You can also call the national support hotline “Violence against women”: 08000 116 016. Here you can reach someone, who can refer you to a contact point close to your location around the clock . The hotline counselors speak many languages. If do not know German very well, you will be connected to a person that speaks your language.

You can contact the counseling centers FIM e.V. or Tamara in Frankfurt, or FRANKA in Kassel. There you can find protection and help.
You can also contact any other center for women or victims of violence nearby

FIM e.V.


KISS (for men and transgender)