HIV and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

If you work in prostitution, you are at increased risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. To protect yourself, you must always use a condom. It is important that you see a medical doctor regularly. Many sexually transmitted diseases can go unnoticed.


  • Say NO to sex practices you do not like!
  • Say NO to sex without a condom, also in your private sexual relationships!
  • Use waterbased lubricants only; you can also use saliva when you have nothing else at hand.
  • Put the condom on yourself and your client`s/your guest`s as well, to be sure it fits properly!
  • Warn one another about clients and guests who do not behave correctly!
  • Be careful with alcohol, drugs, and pills – you need a clear head to keep control at work!

Medical examination – free of charge & anonymous

In these cities you can easily be examined for sexually transmitted diseases:

Frankfurt am Main

We offer consultations and check-ups for sexually transmitted infections (STI) including HIV. Our services are free of charge for people working in the sex industry. We work anonymously. You do not have to show us your ID or health insurance card.

We speak German, English, Spanish, Romanian, and Russian. Our Bulgarian interpreter is generally here on Wednesdays.
We can test you for HIV and other STIs like syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, or hepatitis. We can also test you for bladder and vaginal infections, pregnancy, and in special cases for cancer. (To preserve anonymity, we do not issue health certificates.) If necessary, we can treat you ourselves, give you a prescription, or refer you to a practitioner. We offer free hepatitis B vaccination. We offer counseling about the sex industry, health and pregnancy, birth control, HIV and STI prevention, as well as psychosocial counseling. If necessary, we can refer you to other counseling centers and accompany you to doctor´s appointments. We also do outreach health and social counseling (street work). Exclusively for people working in prostitution, we offer open consultation hours. You do not need to make an appointment.


The registration is in the building of the Public Health Department (Gesundheitsamt)
Breite Gasse 28
60313 Frankfurt am Main
2. floor, room 2.13.

Phone: 069 21243270

Our opening hours are Tue, Wed, and Thu from 08:00 to 12:00.


The association “Fahrende Ärzte e.V.” offers humanitarian consultations in Kassel.

The humanitarian consultations:

  • are for people without health insurance
  • guarantee confidentiality
  • offer basic health care
  • ensure anonymity, if needed.


The consultations are offered on: Tuesdays from 18:30

Inner yard of the Diakonissenhaus
Access via Herkulesstraße


How to get there:
Take public transport lines 1, 3, 4, or 8. For lines 1 or 3, get off at Kirchweg station. For lines 4 or 8, get off at Bebelplatz Station. Diakonissenhaus is 5 minutes walking distance.


Here you can receive free anonymous counseling and get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STI) and HIV.

In addition, the FIM counselors on site can advise and support you with any issues whether or not they are related to prostitution (in Romanian and Bulgarian). They also offer counseling on topics like health, pregnancy, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and health insurance.


Level -1, Area A 10
Baldinger Straße
35037 Marburg

Phone: 06421/ 586 444 2

Consultation hours:
Wednesday 14:00 – 16:00
Please make an appointment first!