Emergency numbers



Call the police if there is an emergency or if you feel threatened. You will be connected with the local police office automatically. The emergency number 110 is free of charge.

Rescue Service & Fire Department


This is the number of the emergency medical service and fire department. You can call 112 in case of an accident or fire, and whenever there is an acute emergency situation where help must be provided quickly.

Support Hotline

116 016

The multilingual support hotline “Violence against women” is a nationwide counseling sevice for women, who experience or have experienced violence, regardless if it is domestic violence or violence on the work place. You can call free of charge around the clock. If necessary, you will be referred to local support services, such as a counseling center or a protected women’s shelter nearby. You can also call if you do not speak German. With the help of interpreters, telephone counseling is offered in 17 different languages.

More information: www.hilfetelefon.de