In Germany, people without income and savings can receive support from the state. This support is called Bürgergeld (used to be ALG II). The aid covers the minimum subsistence level, such as rent, heating, food and health insurance. The Jobcenter in the city you live in is responsible for the application.

Requirements and obligations


You do not necessarily have to be unemployed to receive Bürgergeld. Even if your income is very low and not sufficient for your living expenses, you can receive Bürgergeld as a supplement. If, for example, you earn little from your work in prostitution, you can also receive Bürgergeld. However, you must document all your income from prostitution and inform the job center about it. If you live with your partner or family, the income of the other household members will also be taken into account when calculating Bürgergeld.

Duty to cooperate

When you receive Bürgergeld, you need to inform the Jobcenter of any changes, such as new housing, new job, more or less income, new roommates, etc. When you receive Bürgergeld, there are obligations that you must fulfil. For example, you have to participate in measures or apply for job offers.

Regulations for Foreign Citizens

It is not always easy to obtain this state support. Stricter rules apply in particular to migrants without a German passport. EU citizens must prove that they are not in Germany solely for the purpose of finding a job. That means that they must be able to prove that they have been employed or self-employed for at least one year (in prostitution, for example) or that they have been living in Germany for at least five years.

Support with the application

If you are or have been working in prostitution and are already receiving Bürgergeld or would like to apply for it, you can contact one of the counseling centers for prostitutes in Hessen. The counsellors will assist you in submitting an application or any other concerns regarding Bürgergeld.

If there is no counseling center for prostitutes in your city, you can contact FIM e.V. Hessen:

German, Bulgarian: +49 (0)177 864 96 26
English, Romanian, Spanish and other: +49 (0)157 73 55 16 85