Gambling Addiction

Gambling and betting is supposed to entertain, but they can quickly lead into an addiction. You then lose control over the duration of the game and the money you bet. Gambling then dominates all your thoughts. Seek help if you feel that you are addicted to gambling.

Rules of responsible gambling

Whether or not you are at risk of getting addicted, so gambling remains an entertaining hobby and does not become your downfall:

  • Gamble and bet only for entertainment.
  • Do not bet with the intention to win.
  • Do not use gambling as a mean to earn money.
  • Only bet money you actually own.
  • If you win, cash in and stop playing.
  • Do not try to compensate for losing by further betting.
  • Before the game, decide on a fixed amount of money you are comfortable losing. If necessary, take only this amount of cash with you.
  • Before the game, set limit on how long you want to gamble.
  • Do not subsequently increase the limits you have already set.
  • Keep your word to others. Do not break promises just because you want to keep gambling.
  • Expect to lose. Your chances of winning are slim. Accept losing as integral part of the game.
  • Get familiar with the warning signs of problematic gambling.
  • Plan breaks. Get back to reality regularly. Chances of addiction are high especially during wining streaks, because the reward center in your brain activates and winning can make you lose your grip on the situation. This can result in too high bets and an overall risky gambling.
  • Never gamble under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or pills.
  • Never gamble when you are depressed.
  • Only gamble when you are well rested and concentrated.
  • If you cannot stop gambling, do not hesitate to seek help.